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LTH Training

The therapy was developed by Dr Laszlo Pataki, special education teacher, speech therapist, pediatric ear, nose and throat specialist, foniater and Zoltan Kolláth astronomer expert.

During the training, the children are listening to a specially created music via headphones for 10 consecutive days. They are listening to the music for 30 minutes twice a day, between these blocks there is a three-hour break. We finish the program at half past 1 every day.


For the success of the 10-day training it is important to follow a few rules.

1. Avoid sound from speakers such as TV, computer, radio, shopping centers, etc, because they may reduce the success of the training.

2. During the training there should not rotate the children, omit the rotating movements (circle, roundabout).

3. The typically extreme infra or ultrasound ambient noises and devices (metro, tram, some buses) should be minimized.

The surrounding noise and sound stimuli should be reduced as much as possible  for the 10-day period.

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